Thursday, January 5, 2012

Ding Level 50

Well, my Bounty Hunter is level 50. I finished it off by heading to Corellia and finishing a couple of quests as well as one of the Heroic quests. I then headed back up to the fleet and ran a couple of Warzones to hit the cap. Now what? I am max level and have all of my professions maxed out. I am not incredibly interested in dealing with the Galactic Market until there is actually a market. It seems to me that most things just do not sell.

I have tried to sell all kinds of gear with no success. At least you get your deposit back if it does not sell.

I played on my Sith Warrior a little bit as well and got him to level 13. I will be glad when he gets sprint. Running is just so damn slow.

I will probably have to wait for more people to hit cap to do much in the way of flashpoints.

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  1. gz!

    Having the same issue selling stuff, random green drops get venderd or reversed engineered, good blues get banked until the GTN picks up a bit. Oranges usually go to companions :)