Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hello There!

Well, I played Star Wars over the Holliday....a lot.

I now have my Bounty Hunter up to 49 and on the verge of finishing my class quest.

Most importantly, they fixed my loading issues. Woohoo. I can actually move between planets now.

I must say that I have really enjoyed the Bounty Hunter storyline. On the other hand, I both like and dislike the quests. Everything seems so spread out, and when I come back from completing a pile of quests and see new ones available to the same area, I find myslef getting annoyed.

I also took several breaks from playing SWTOR to recharge the batteries. Sometimes I would play a bit of WoW, but other times I would log into MW2 multiplayer and frag some noobs.

I maxed out my affection on Mako and am now working on Skadge. I basically got him from about 200 affection to 5000 affection just on Correlia. He really likes when you act like a dick head, and that is one of my specialties. I just do everything with Mako out and then pull Skadge out to complete the quests. Free affection!

On a credit making note, I have noticed that the things that actually sell are the mods for your gear and weapons. Most people are going to try and pick up some orange gear, which means that much of the other stuff is going to be completely useless.

Another thing....I noticed that my training at level 49 was much cheaper than previous levels. It went from 40k plus per skill to about 13k per skill. I dont know why that happened, but I was quite happy about it.

I am sitting at around 500k credits, which would be a decent amount in WoW, but is chump change in TOR. You get around 5-8k for a quest as well as several thousand just for vendoring gray junk. At least it is easy to pay for your lowbies.

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