Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Now I know I was meant to be Sith

No, no because of the dark side choices I make (yes, I do make those quite often). It is because I focus my rage and hatred at the game from time to time.

The latest example of a giant piece of space crap was the last stage of the Bounty Hunter quest line. The fight before you finish the quest chain, you have to fight two strongs at the same time. No big deal right? Well, it normally wouldnt be, but they heal. Let me say that again. They both heal themselves and each other. WHAT THE FUCK!!!!

I literally died about 7 times before I used my imperial fleet pass in a rage.

Another bug was that these yellow mobs that are not supposed to aggro would suddenly aggro on my companion from across the map....lovely.

So, I went online and looked for what other people were saying. There were a lot of people who said that the only way they beat it as a Powertech was to gear up Gault and burn one down.

Ok, wonderful. So, I go on the Galactic Market and buy two orange pieces and pick up some mods for Gaults gun to upgrade it.

I go back and take it down in two tries. It would have been one, but the same bug that aggroed the yellow mobs also pulled the guys I needed to take down.

My anger was at an all time high. They seriously need to tune that for future players going through. I have a friend how will be getting there before too long and he is a healer....I am interested to see how that goes.

Then, because I am not 50 yet, I had to figure out where to go next. I decided to give Ilum a try. It would have been OK, but for some reason, my framerate became unbearable. I ended up running at under 1 FPS while I was trying to complete quests. Needless to say, I did not complete them.

I decided to leave and just do some PvP....which is also incredibly choppy for me. I so badly need a new graphics card because I am missing out on a lot of game.

Once I hit 50, I am not sure what I will do. Maybe I will do some Flashpoints. I dont know. My frustration with the game is higher at the moment than my love for it. It may eventually push me back to WoW.

I love the story, but once you hit cap, what then?

I guess we will have to see.

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  1. i feel your pain on fighting two "strong" mobs that heal. i have not faced that exact encounter, but just the other night i was playing on my agent on Balmorra and was completely pwned by 2 strong mobs standing next to each other. i'm not sure exactly what happened, but it was over so quickly i just sat and stared at my screen for a minute.
    i did get them down in another try or two, then i proceeded into the "story area" where i took on 2 jedi and a grand marshall(?) and downed all 3 with little effort. this seems flawed.
    but this wasn't the first time i died while questing - something that rarely or never happened in my WoW experience. and then i remember all the other games i've played where dying is common and i try to play swtor with that in mind and try to forget my WoW training.
    i'm sure i'll still get frustrated, especially if it takes upwards of 5 tries to kill a quest mob, but i think i prefer a little more difficulty.
    whadda you think?