Thursday, December 22, 2011

Got my speeder....Loading issues still not resolved.

I breifly thought I may have found a bit of a fix for my loading issues last night. I set the game up to run as an administrator and sucessfully loaded the game on about 2 of every three the end of the night that was no longer the case.

There is a thread on the Customer Service forums that is over thirty pages long at this point with people experiencing the same issues. Nobody from EA/Bioware has really responded. Hopefully it got fixed in the maintenance last night.

In other news, I got my speeder. It makes getting around quite a lot better, especially on Tatooine which is pretty big.

I also hit level 26 last night and am well on my way into questing through the area....and killing Jawas.

I teamed up with a random Imperial Agent last night to do some quests, and it went very well. We even helped each other out on part of our class quest chains. Overall, I like Tatooine.....but why do most of the planets have to be so damn ugly. Pretty much every planet I have been to with the exception of Dromund Kaas has seemed like and ugly ass wasteland.

Looking forward to hopefully being able to log in tonight. Once that loading screen issue is fixed, I will be very happy as I will be able to do Flashpoints.


  1. Hello,

    Enjoying the blog! I am sorry to hear of the crashing woes. Any improvements yet?

    I have started my own SW:TOR specific blog if you are interested: - concentrates on Jedi Seer healing.