Thursday, December 15, 2011

Welcome to Blood of Mandalore

This is my new blog about SW:TOR. It will be here to talk about anything I want that is TOR related. This will include leveling, social issues, credit making etc.

Since yesterday was my first day of early entry, I will talk about that. I have mixed feelings thus far.

First, they apparently made the graphics HD or some such. This is causing me some major problems. My framerate in the game is horrendous. It occasionally peaks at around 8 FPS. Yes. EIGHT!!!! Most of the time it is much lower and makes for a very choppy gaming experience. It was even running at 0.8 FPS at one point. It was fairly bad in beta, but nowhere near how bad this is. It is damn near unplayable for me at the moment.

That said, I created my first character, which is a bounty hunter named Kraytanus. Unfortunately, after the making the character, I realized that some may see my name as Krayt-ANUS as opposed to Kray-Tanus. Ah well. Life goes on.

I made him look pretty bad ass. Blond haired with a goatee and a mohawk, a badly scarred head, and a nice facial tatoo. He looks like a Bounty Hunter should look. Badass.

I really like the Bounty Hunter starting story. I also like being a brutal SOB. I have been going with 100 percent dark side choices. Next character, I will probably do more of a mix of dark and light side, but I want this one to be an evil badass.

As of right now, I am level 9 and on the homestretch of the starting area. One thing I noticed was different between this and Beta was that a single conversation choice can change the way that a conversation goes entirely.

I picked a Bounty Hunter for a couple of reasons. Bounty Hunters are awesome. Bounty Hunters also have the coolest weapons. I love launching wrist rockets and setting people on fire with my flamethrower.

I love the story....I will probably enjoy the game play significantly more once I get a new graphics card.

I have yet to pick up a profession, but once I do, I will write a bit about making credits as well.


  1. I have a pretty old system with a mediocre video card. I had to set everything to low, and make sure to turn shadows completely off. That was the only way I was able to play.

    Marauding Terentateks
    Sith Wyrm

  2. I have everything set to low currently and I am still having a horrible time with it. I will have to check the shadows thing.