Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Kinda fixed...but not really.

First, I wanted to thank my sister who makes the banners for both of my blogs. Looks good.

Second, I found a semi solution to my gaming woes.....I hope.

Last night was another frustrating night of trying to log in and getting stuck at the loading screen. I finally decided that I was going to uninstall the game and then install it again. I was using the same launcher from Beta, which I figured may be an issue. This came after having to log out and wait in queue a couple of times.

It took forever to install, but I got it back up and running. First loading screen loaded first try....SWEET.

Got to finish off the BH quest on Hutta and move on. Of course, the next loading screen I got froze. Then it worked when I logged off and back on. I headed to Tatooine....and it froze again. Then I did the same thing and it loaded. I dont know if I am just getting "lucky" with the loading screens. Hopefully this issue gets completely fixed.

The second big thing I noticed after I re-installed the game was the graphics. It appeared to have adjusted them much better to my computer and my FPS went up a lot. The graphics look less pretty, but I can sacrafice some graphics for better performances. I ran around completely lag free for the first time since starting the game.

Overall, things are looking up. I am about 10 percent of a level from 25 and will be picking up my speeder. Woohoo.

I will also be glad to get another companion. I know my Jawa is coming up soon. I hope that he doesnt mind me killing everything the way that mako does. Sometimes I get minus thirty and other times I get minus 1. Sometimes she will be indifferent. If you are a bounty hunter, get a thicker skin Mako. Everyday Im blasting em.

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